Have you seen this man?


His name is Harchand Singh and he is believed to be travelling around the Pacific NW with a 17yr old female.

He is one of the leaders of a human smuggling for forced protsitution ring.

Let me give just a little bit of, what I’ll call, “Background”:

At around 0200 on a Sunday night about a month ago, a man hears people outside his dining room window, looks out and all he can see are the tops of heads on the other side of his hedge. He calls 911 and shortly thereafter a King County Sheriff’s Deputy shows up.

As the deputy gets out of his car, four women swarm him, all talking at once in a language he doesn’t understand. They are dirty, scraped up and wearing barely any clothes. He calms them down, gives them the big wool blanket from his cruiser’s trunk, and calls his Sergeant (dude is normally quite levelheaded, but he said that this situation was one of the most unnerving things he has ‘on-viewed’ during his time behind the badge).

The Sergeant arrives and they each put two of the women in the back of their cruisers and transport them to the station house. When they arrive, they call for language assistance since none of the women speak english. The women are given robes and put into a holding room for their safety, and shortly thereafter an interpreter arrives.

The interpreter tells the Sergeant that each of these women were brought into the Seattle area from Vancouver BC, Canada by a pair of men who had, once they reached a residence near where they were found, repeatedly raped the women before they were finally able to escape.

Detectives were called in, a judge was woken up, and arrests were made before sun-up, at which time the fibbies and the RCMP were called and filled in. The story linked above fills it in from there with news of 15 arrests stemming from finding these women.

Chalk one up for the good guys.

But this Harchand guy is the top asshole involved and he is still on the loose, and he has a young girl with him.

In a twisted coincidence, the house that the women were held captive in is a block from where I went to high school.

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4 Responses to Have you seen this man?

  1. Rivrdog says:

    Yep, andother benefit of our Secure Border policy.

    You get what you pay for.

    The Canadians let thisese assholes run around because they WANT to be known as a place where anyone “persecuted” in their home country can come to for refuge.

    Even under Islamic law, which tolerates a lot of abuse of women, this guy would probably have been executed years ago back in his homeland in SWA, wherever it used to be.

    But, he pays for a ticket to Toronto, and the Canadians welcome him with open arms after he files a paper saying he was persecuted in his native country for (fill in the blank from the dozens of reasons of persecutions).

    And of course, he can simply drive to the outskirts of Vancouver, and take any one of dozens of backroads to, and over the unguarded US border.

    We don’t need any frickken Minutemen on that border. Just give a 12-guage pump to every Eastern Washintonian (and Idahoan, Montanan and North Dakotan) gas station employee within 50 miles of the border, and tell them to detain (or shoot, their choice) any of these wallahs who will stop to buy gas right after crossing.

    End of problem.

    Redneck Power, OOH-RAH!

  2. Kristopher says:

    He isn’t a muslim … he’s a Sikh.

    He is still an asshole, regardless.

  3. DFWMTX says:

    If he’s kidnapping, raping and prostituting underage girls, then he’s a sick Sikh. He needs to be found and locked away, which some huge horny six-foot biker to become his boyfriend.

  4. Kirk says:

    Yea baby… back online…

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