I think it was PT Barnum

Who said “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

In the case of this article from today’s Seattle Times, it should be “There’s a idiot in Washington State buying a new computer every minute”

Washington has one of the highest rates of computer ownership in the nation — nearly three-quarters of adults own a computer. Yet we still have some things to learn about staying safe online.

According to a new survey by AARP:

• About half of Washington computer users don’t recognize phishing scams — 49 percent said they were unaware that banks don’t send e-mails to customers asking them to click a link to verify account information.

• About three-quarters of Washington Internet users didn’t know that a Web site’s privacy policy does not prevent the company from sharing customers’ personal information with others.

• Six in 10 computer users believe incorrectly that, by law, a Web site comparing prices of products or services must include the lowest available price.

Most computers bought by consumers come with free everything protection for the same reason most cars come with factory alarms systems: Because someone out there is going to try and screw you.

When the Analog Mom (AARP member) was thinking of buying her first computer around 18 months ago, she talked to everyone she knew who owned a computer, yours truly included, and then figured out what she needed and then priced those systems.

Is that so damn hard for people to do?

And what with 3/4 of Washington State residents owning a computer, who are the hermits who don’t know someone they can ask?

I remember a couple years back when you couldn’t turn on the TV news without hearing about hackers, vicious email spammers or people scamming computer owners through their email and you still hear about identity theft scams at least once a week on the damn news.

If people are unwilling to arm themselves against some sort of e-scam, then maybe, just maybe, they deserve some of what they get.

But then, of course, you still have middle aged women who think they’ll finally meet their ‘soulmate’ over the internet and guys who think that “Hot Chick” on the other end of the IM is really a woman.

Ladies, men lie. Guys, again, men lie. It’s a dude.

Criminals are usually criminals because they’re too stupid or socially ignorant to hold down a job. But some folks just make it too damn easy to be a e-criminal by being dumber than than them.

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3 Responses to I think it was PT Barnum

  1. freddyboomboom says:

    I was visiting one of my Aunts that lives in Washington State.

    She was asking me about some things on her computer, “how do I do…” type of things.

    She explained that she’d gotten one of the Computer Professor” teaching CDs, but had trouble following it. I went to see what she was talking about, started it up, turned on her powered speakers, and she said “It talks? I didn’t know it talked!” as the video played…

  2. puggsthegrey says:

    Hello AK, I’m sorry it’s taken so long to find myself back on the web. I’ve decided to stay retired from the daily blog routine, but I hope everyone has faired well. I’ve just opened a tiny family oriented blog at yahoo, less a vocation than a hobby now. I hope Neal’s doing well. I’ve seen new names, but as I was in the wilderness for so long, I’m clearly not current on things.

    Major changes, all to the good I hope.

    I don’t wish to intrude, just to stop by and read, and to let you know that I’m still a game bear. If a little more tired than before.


  3. puggs says:

    A working link would be better, I am out of practice. Should work now.

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