A Zoology Question

Professor Booty again.

While The Kid is out taking pot-shots, I was wanting to ask a question.

Now, we know Da Nukevet is an avid angler, much to PeTA’s disdain, and I was wondering if he or any of the other lake fishermen out there has ever caught yourselves one of these?

A Water Nymph!

(click for whopper-of-a-catch size)

Also, I’m taking suggestions as to the species of this example.

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2 Responses to A Zoology Question

  1. Hmmmm…Water Nymph, let me look it up in Isaac Wanker, my little field guide to “fishing” fantasy.

    Hmmmm……..says here that Water Nymphs are found and caught in the warmer waters of the enitre planet. Water temps must be over 75f.

    The most effective lure is the Trouser Trout, trolled just at the surface. The Purple Headed model of that lure works best. It says here that the mature Water Nymph will strike first with the mouth, but the nibbling bite may not firmly hook her, so you have to keep the lure out there until the quarry performs a Leg Lock on it. Only then can she be played out and brought to the creel.

    State Law says that you are entitled to one Water Nymph in possession only. If you are not going to keep your freshly-caught Water Nymph, you may release her back to the water. With Catch and Release, you may play as many Water Nymphs as you want, or until your Lure wears out.

    Issac Wanker has one final warning with this critter: If you have a Water Nymph in Possession, and you continue to try your luck with Catch and Release, you could be in sufficient trouble as to lose all your Tackle, including your Lure, because these critters get territorial during spawning season.

    Tight lines!

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