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It had better

Anti-Gun Groups Fear Sen. Yee’s Indictment Will Make Gun Control More Difficult to Pass I hope his conviction makes the laws impossible to pass. If only the media will report it.

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Who they love tells you all you need to know

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The same answer for everything

When a statist sees a problem, they’re stock answer is always the same: More Government. Example #1: The online ride share websites are taking a small bite out of Seattle’s taxi campanies business. The taxi companies run to City Hall … Continue reading

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The Sweetest Nectar

UCLA Leftist has meltdown after anti-Israel resolution is defeated. Bigorty always ends in tears. Thankfully, the bigot was the one who ended up doing the crying this time.

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We should consider ourselves lucky

If we aren’t forced to pay for grief couselors for these people Federal Employee Morale Hits Record Low Budget cuts and forced furloughs have taken a toll on federal workers, with job satisfaction at a record low in a new … Continue reading

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How can you tell if they’re lying?

U.S. economy adds 203,000 jobs November; unemployment rate down to 7 percent – WaPo Answer: If their presses are printing

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Unclear on the Concept: Densify = Gentrify

While I agree that Plan Bay Area is an insidious, brutal steamroller of a lefty power grab worthy of Robert Moses in his prime, and elsewhere in the country it might indeed mean that Cabrini Green is coming to your … Continue reading

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TL;DR – The Post

Here is Obama and Kerry’s deal with Iran in a nutshell And by “nutshell” I mean that you’re a nut who needs to be walled up if you think this is a good deal for anyone but Iran and it’s … Continue reading

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Of course he does

With ObamaCare taking a shit all over his credibility, the media seeks to curry favor with those who believe they deserve more Obama Pushes to Save the Holidays for a Million Unemployed People The Obama administration on Friday came out … Continue reading

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I’ve Been In An Elevator With Dick Metcalf

I was polite, so I didn’t punch him in the face. If he’s trolling (who reads paper gun rags anymore anyway?) he’s doing it wrong.

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