One of the other projects at the new job that was in pieces when I arrived was a set of 17 bar stools for the VIP Lounge of a local casino.

They are no longer just pieces.


It’s a horrible pic of a dozen of the stools. The other five are already strapped up for shipping. Some of the details you can’t see is that the name of the lounge is laser cut into the foot. Also, both the uprights of the backs and the foot pegs are made of plumbing parts. Surprising to all of us, they are remarkably comfortable. So much so that when the wife stopped by with lunch a couple days ago she sat in one and said that we were no longer looking for new dining room chairs because I was going to be building a set of 4-legged versions of these.

Which means I’ll likely be building a frame for a new dining room table too shortly thereafter. I’ve already consulted with the wood shop guys on the table top.

In other news, I’ve rewarded myself for the long workdays over this past month by putting money down on a new pistol that looks remarkably like this one.

Full size 9mm. The place I’m getting it from even has some of the factory 21rnd mags, so I think this one will be getting a holosight.

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3 Responses to Rewarding

  1. guy says:


    I hope the VIP lounge of the local casino polices its drunks pretty well because I can see someone absolutely destroying themselves on one of those stools.

    Drunken Force meets Immovable Object, etc.

  2. NotClauswitz says:

    Nice bar-stools! I could see a table made out of plumbing parts as a compliment. Nknow anybody tearinbg-down a bowling alley? They usually have lotsa nice maple there.

  3. Dee says:

    I’ve been trying to get ahold, literally, of the subcompact version to see it if fits my paws as a carry gun. Everybody has the full and the compact versions. Keep us posted please.

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