Simple Question

For your leftist conversational adversaries:

Are you afraid that, if elected, Trump will actually stop all of the immigration traffic by people of a particular religion because of the path President Obama created for him by using Executive Orders to open incoming immigration traffic to people of a particular ethnicity?

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  1. Don Johnson says:

    Lefties won’t answer the question. My problem with Trump is that his mastery of obtaining headlines has resulted in lobbing easy pitches to Lefties. Should that really matter? Maybe not, but I think it does because of how our election and society works. We’ve gone from covering how the current admin has completely failed to contain Islamic extremism, to the extent that it has been allowed to grow into a literal army that is marching across the Middle East and launching attacks around the globe, to talking about the latest thing Trump has said. As usual, history will largely vindicate Trump’s words; FDR, progressive demigod, and Carter would both not only purse but enact similar measures. Now we don’t live in the past, with past actions not validating current actions, but the Left is quickly and easily spinning this into “the right are bigots” without much consideration.

    I will say that I’m not a fan of Trump’s policies, but that’s because I think his policies, overall at least, lead to a bigger government and remaining on more of the same mistaken path that we’re on.

    With your question, which I think is a good one, I don’t believe liberals/progressives can work through it; it’s like affirmative action, discrimination is wrong — unless it’s against groups that liberals/progressives believe it’s okay to discriminate against.

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