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Judge upholds Seattle’s ‘gun violence’ tax

A county judge dismissed a case filed by the National Rifle Association and other gun groups that challenge’s Seattle’s so called “gun violence” tax.

Because of the ruling, the city’s $25-per-firearm tax on firearm sales goes becomes law at New Year’s Day, and the NRA and a host of other plaintiffs, notably the Washington-based Second Amendment Foundation, must pay taxable costs and attorney fees.

In his opinion issued Dec. 22, Judge Palmer Robinson denied a motion for summary judgement by the gun groups, and deemed the ordinance as a lawful exercise of the city’s taxing authority, not a regulation.

I understand the idea of judiciary stepping stones and that if the judge would have agreed with the SAF and NRA the city would be appealing. I’m just not happy the city gets the headline.

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3 Responses to Most People

  1. AMB says:

    That’s alright. As a Seattle resident: we all buy our guns and ammo at West Coast Armory out in Bellevue anyway…

  2. Rolf says:

    Doesn’t this just mean that when it gets overturned upon appeal the bills going ot the city will be just that much more?

    (I wish we could make the actual city council & lawyers pay it out of their own pockets, not just bill the taxpayer)

  3. I seem to recall a federal case, also involving a tax on firearms, in which it was ruled that a tax imposed as a form of “backdoor regulation” is Constitutionally impermissible. Perhaps the Seattle tax will suffer an appropriate fate if it reaches federal court.

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