If it sounds like a marxist

And acts like a marxist.

Then it is highly likely that it will commit espionage and treason in order to win a conflict that will force you to live in an marxist oligarchy.

For decades, the stalwarts of the American Left depicted all accused of disloyalty in the so-called “McCarthyite” era as victims of the Cold War and an American “witch-hunt.” One such individual, who until his death made a good living portraying himself in this fashion, was Cedric Belfrage, a British expatriate who lived in the U.S. from the ’40s until 1955.

Belfrage was the founder and editor-in-chief of what was the major fellow-traveling American weekly newspaper, The National Guardian, which was created in 1948 as an adjunct of the presidential campaign of Henry A. Wallace on the Progressive Party ticket. The British subject Belfrage was hauled before both Senator McCarthy’s Senate subcommittee and by HUAC in the 1950s, where he invoked the Fifth Amendment. Eventually, he was arrested and deported back to Britain in 1955.

Belfrage then wrote a few books. Among them was one published by a major American publisher in 1973, The American Inquisition: 1945-1950, in which the author claimed that he too was a victim of vicious false accusations that he was a Soviet agent.

We have known for some years, from both the Venona files and the Vassiliev KGB Notebooks, that in fact Belfrage was working for the KGB. In one of their books, Harvey Klehr and John Earl Haynes call him a “Betrayer of Two Nations.” Writing in Venona, they describe how KGB defector Elizabeth Bentley told the FBI that, while in the U.S., Belfrage regularly met with Soviet agent Jacob Golos to hand over material — both American and British — which he had obtained from the British Security Coordination Office for which he worked.

I’m not saying that the McCarthyist trials were a good thing, but damn if that broken clock was right more than twice a day.

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3 Responses to If it sounds like a marxist

  1. emdfl says:

    Actually IIRC that clock was right about 10 hours out of 12. AS usual the lmsm kept the facts from the Venona files out of sight and out of mind. Again IIRC the number of soviet agents in the US government was pretty close to McCarthy’s accusations..

  2. NotClauswitz says:

    And half of them were in FDR’s cabinet – he knew, he picked ’em.

  3. Veritas says:

    Now tell me why you think the McCarthy trials weren’t a good thing? The people hauled up before them were commies, and Venona demonstrates how many communists had inflitrated the government. Just like today.

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