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Ah, Amicii….

i am looking forward to attending the 9th Circuit oral arguments for Peruta and Richards, the CA shall-issue carry cases, in SF on June 16th; I really hope this guy doesn’t show up.

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To sum it up quickly

Over at NRO, George Will asks about the current push to suppress, or as he calls it, a “crackdown”, on the practice of so-called “free range parenting”. As an answer, I suspect that it is because these “helicopter parents” know … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day, 05/14/15: Generation of Morons

Oh, it’s huge. It’s huge. I saw higher education as a student and as a professor. Two different worlds. Back then, we worked 12 hours a day. Getting through college was extraordinarily hard work. We looked at people who worked … Continue reading

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In all honesty

I can’t say that I was going to see it anyway. But now, not even for a $1 RedBox “Mad Max: Fury Road” consultant, Eve Ensler, calls it a feminist action film Eve Ensler, the playwright and feminist known best … Continue reading

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Cali Water Debunking

I love it when I find a fine analytical mind like Scott’s has done my work for me. Hell, my entire neighborhood has nice green lawns. Civil disobedience, bitches!

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But have no doubt

The progressive left will never see this group of people want to keep more of their own money as “greedy”. Public school teachers in the city are supposed to save 9 percent of each paycheck in their own retirement account. … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 05/11/15

Weird Dave from the AoSHQ posted this up about last week about Assurant Health losing between $80-90 Million via ObamaCare in 2014. The takeaway from this, the canary in the coalmine, is that a Fortune 500 insurance company, one that’s … Continue reading

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If understanding irony were brain cells

He wouldn’t have two of them to rub together. Al Sharpton tonight weighed in on the debate over the “Draw Mohammed” contest and free speech, mostly calling for religious and cultural “respect” for people’s differences. He clarified that there’s never … Continue reading

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Getting back in the swing of things

Quite literally, I walked through the door having just gotten done driving home from Boomershoot on Monday within moments of the shooting in Garland, TX hitting the cable news networks. When I heard what kind of event was going on … Continue reading

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Remember when Glenn Reynolds was accused of Puppycide?

Well, this is kind of like that, except not.

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