I wish I could say

That this would be funny.

But in all honesty, I can’t.

Greece threatens tilt to Russia and China unless Europe yields

Greece’s radical new government has threatened to seek money from Russia and China to avert a financial crisis rather than yield to austerity demands from Europe, risking a dangerous political rift with the leading EU powers and a full-blown NATO crisis.

“We want a deal. But if there is no deal, and if we see that Germany remains rigid and wants to blow Europe apart, then we will have to go to Plan B,” said Panos Kammenos, the defence minister and head of the Independent Greeks party in the ruling coalition.

“We have other ways of finding money. It could be the United States at best, it could be Russia, it could be China or other countries,” he told Greek television. Mr Kammenos said Greece would prefer to leave the euro if membership means submitting to what he calls a “Europe under German domination.”

Athens = Bejing West!

Lots of cool old shit. Not quite as polluted. Yet.

I meant to link to this the other day when I wrote about the Grexit, but Cats was not up at the time.

NickM @ Counting Cats has an idea that is smarter, but just as dangerous as Syriza’s.

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