Sealed Shut

What do you get when you give Phil a full sheet of 1/8″ hot rolled plate steel and two 20′ sticks of 2″x2″ square tubing?

Whatever you want. In this case, the guy who bought those will get a light vault door. I was given the measurements and materials on Thursday while I was told to stay away from campus, so I used the day to make the door.

Of course, it would have helped if the measurements given to me were correct. Sadly, these ones weren’t. As I was putting it together I noticed something “awry” and called the customer to verify the numbers. They did, so I finished putting it together. I was still suspicious, so I only tacked the plate steel to the frame.

Which was smart, because it no fit.

I took my own measurements and now I have a weekend project. After my forklift certification class today. And hopefully not all of tomorrow. Pics Monday.

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8 Responses to Sealed Shut

  1. Merle says:

    Remember the customer is always right 🙂


  2. Jim says:

    If your customer is Geraldo Rivera, there’s no point in continuing on, is there?

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  3. Chris Byrne says:

    You could make a hell of a nice stabletable with that as well.

  4. Ragin' Dave says:

    Always, always, ALWAYS…. measure twice, cut (or weld in this case) once.

  5. Merle says:

    I don’t understand it boss, I’ve cut this pipe twice and it’s STILL too short….


  6. Waepnedmann says:

    You must be living right.
    Always listen to that little voice.

  7. Phssthpok says:

    Define ‘full sheet’.
    I’m used to dealing with 360x72ME hot roll A-36 or GR-50.

  8. Phil says:

    Phssthpok, as are most things, the “sheets” I’m describing are relative to my situation, so as to be able to be moved without machinery. Congrats on the big iron, though.

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