Take Caution

You may laugh so hard you have a stroke

This is the headline, byline, photo and caption to US News’ story about the opening of legal marijuana stores in Seattle


They get their legal weed, and are now bitching about how they get it by calling it a “Soviet-style market”.

A large majority of them are fine with socialism in every other aspect of people’s lives. But now that they have to deal with it, it’s bad.

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  1. formerly dfwmtx says:

    There’s some folks out there who won’t be happy until everything they want is “free” (aka: paid for by the government).

    On the other hand, from what I’ve heard prices are high because WA.gov didn’t legalize and license the growers to give them enough time to grow a legal crop to meet the demand of opening day sales. Small supply + high demand = high (cough) prices. Capitalism in action, comrade.

    And black market weed is still (currently) cheaper in WA. Capitalism under Soviet economics, comrade.

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