I nearly forgot

One of the pics at David’s link to the Boomershoot pics is one of me with the Encore .357 rifle I built this Winter.


I barely got the ammo loaded in time to travel to Boomershoot. I loaded five loads starting at 19gr of Winchester 296 powder to 21gr in half grain increments. The loading data I found for the 21gr load put it at a muzzle velocity of 2340fps out of a 20″ bbl Marlin lever gun. I am guessing that with my 24″ bbl, I am running right up to 2400 fps with a 125gr projectile.

I do not recommend this load for handguns of any type. There was a decent increase in recoil from anything you can buy off the shelf. If your pistol/revolver does survive this load once, it might not for the second one. So don’t waste your time.

That being said, I had it sighted in for 100yds using factory Winchester White Box 110gr ammo. It was about 10′ short @ the 385yd line. I dialed in some elevation, and then some more elevation, and after that it was ringing the steel silhouette repeatedly until I got bored of doing so. I was thinking of trying the large bowling pin shaped steel target @ 600+yds, but figured that might waste too much time and went to spot for Dave and David.

Judging from what I gauged to be a lack of authority with which it hit the 385yd steel, I have serious doubts that it would ignite a boomer at that range. If I ever get a chronograph, I may have to test both the muzzle and the 400yd velocity theories.

But this is definitely one interesting rifle and load. In fact, I have already named this particular tool. I have given it my old Greek name:

Testicles (pronounced “test-ik-lees”)

Because it has balls.

FYI: If I ever get to build a .416 Barret rifle, this will be changed to Testicles Jr.

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