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If you’ve ever wondered why 40 = 40 = 40, hit this link and read about Gummi Worms and Sweet Tarts. Also, why government intervention cannot stop stupid people from doing things that hurt their economic standing and causing more government intervention.

If you want to see corporations leave your state, just do this:

A California effort to lead a national debate over the growing wage gap between CEOs and average workers took its first step in the state Legislature on Thursday with support from Democratic lawmakers, organized labor and former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich.


Reich, who served in the Clinton administration during the 1990s, said the bill would reward “responsible” companies with lower tax rates and help the middle class while countering a trend that he said endangers the underpinnings of the American economy.


SB1372 would punish companies that pay CEOs more than 100 times the median wage of their workers by imposing a higher corporate tax rate. Companies with less of a wage gap would be rewarded with a lower rate.

If I was that worried/pissed off that my bosses boss was making 101 times what I was making, I’d just find a job with another company. But then again, I took the time to develop job skills.

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  1. dustydog says:

    Oh no, I hope no CEO figures out any way to disguise income with expense accounts, personal assistants, stock options, chairing charities that kick back honorariums, platinum health care plans, company car, company wardrobe, attending company meetings at luxury vacation spots, re-decorating his mansion because he’s hosting a dinner for work, and tricks I’ve never heard of.

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