Last Day of the Quarter

I’m off for a week (give or take a day). I’ve got some range time planned, and some dental work. Hit the email if you’re interested in joining me for either experience.

This quarter has been rough. Other than finishing my table, the booth-time has been brutal. The main difficulty being that welding is an art and I am not an artist. I have not got the champion-level gamer hand/eye coordination it takes to arc weld, especially vertically, so “learning” consists of me making ugly welds 25 times and then something clicks and they get almost pretty.

But like last quarter, the book learning portion of the class has put me on the Dean’s List, so I’ve got that going for me.

Since it has been so rough, I can’t justify posting anything less \m/ than this

I’m not really all that hip on Slipknot. I am more a fan of Jim Root. But this track is kicking my ass again, lately. So there you go.

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