Shreiking Statist Harpy

Sure, Ann Coulter is fun to listen to when she’s tearing apart the pro-government arguments of the left.

But when she ignores the liberty-minded arguments of those who actually DO want government out of their lives, she outs herself as just as much an idiot as those who would regulate how much soda you can buy and what kind of car you should be allowed to drive.


So, because I think the drug war kills far more people than it helps and militarizes our police forces, and because I don’t believe the government has any business holding contracts between individuals for sexual relations, I am just a pussy who wants to impress my progressive friends?

Why am I not surprised?

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5 Responses to Shreiking Statist Harpy

  1. NotClauswitz says:

    Because you’re not gonna impress her progressive friends either! 😉

  2. Mollbot says:

    She’s very annoying, even when I do agree with her.

  3. Bill says:

    But her point is 100% correct. You can’t fight battles with conservatives over gay marriage and pot legalization using the argument that the government shouldn’t be involved in those things. IT ALREADY IS INVOLVED, and that won’t change unless you get back to the basic beliefs of the Constitution. Neither libertarians or conservatives have any chance of doing that without each other.

    The two groups have to stop arguing over crumbs before the meal is even started and start working on the main course!

    That main course is a return to the Constitution as stated. THEN we can work out the things that need to be dealt with. BUT START WITH THE CONSTITUTION!

    Getting rid of the creeping socialism is the very first thing we have to do, then we deal with the rest.

    I have no problem with you putting anything in your body, so long as I don’t pay for the consequences. Currently, society pays a huge bill for that. I don’t care what your sexual proclivities are, so long as I don’t pay that bill. Currently society pays a huge bill for STD’s.

    Get back to government doing what its supposed to do: Protect our borders. Protect free travel between states. Protect interstate commerce. THEN we can deal with the rest.


  4. Phil says:

    So her argument is that we should only focus on her ideas as to what the government shouldn’t be involved in and that all of the other ideas suck and should get to the back of the line?

    That makes no sense whatsoever.

    If the government should not be involved int hose things then they shouldn’t be involved. Why must we only focus on getting government out of the things the “Moral Majority” thinks are important?

    I can answer you that: Because they want us to put them in power so that they can decide what the government should be involved in. Namely, gay marriage and keeping up the drug war. They will never give those things up, just like the other side of the fence will never give up welfare and gun control.

    Sorry, but following her plan sounds like switching cars on the same doomed train to me.

    And she is still a twat.

  5. Mollbot says:

    Hahahaha… “and she is still a twat.” Oh, man I almost woke up the wife. Nice.

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