Reason #96 to carry while on your own property

Gators are not so much a problem up here. We worry more about the furry gators (aka: coyotes) here at Firebase Blue (outside the fence, not inside).

Also, is it me or is his leg wound a little close to the femoral artery than it should be for him to be laughing?

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2 Responses to Reason #96 to carry while on your own property

  1. glenn b says:

    The leg wounds were what, a couple of scratches and bruises? Not likely to be a threat to an artery, that is unless I am missed something. I think him pretty lucky it did not keep hold of his hand though and then start that death roll or whatever it is called. He may have lost his hand or even his arm in that case if the gator was big enough. As for laughing, I am pretty sure I’d be laughing too, relief to be alive and kicking after such an experience often brings on laughter at how stupid you were to have been that brave. Good man though, sure must love that dog.

    All the best,

  2. Phssthpok says:

    Just a bit of trivia about how jacked up Flori-duh’s firearms laws are:

    It’s illegal to open carry (even if you have a CCW) EXCEPT when you are going to, engaged in, or returning from one of the following activities:
    Target shooting, hunting, fishing, or camping.

    Note that HIKING is remarkably absent. So if I decide to go for a day-hike in/near the swamp (read: Mr. Gator’s front yard), I can’t carry my defensive pistol openly even if I have a CCW (you know….where I can grab it quickly if the need arises), but if I have a tent pitched in a campground, I can open carry all I want…no license required.

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