Excellent Choice!

I am both happy and perplexed at Romney’s choice of Ryan.

On the one hand, I am happy that he didn’t choose a few of the others off the list of potentials (McDonnell, Santorum, and Pawlenty, just to name a few).

On the other, I am hoping that Ryan isn’t too damaged by the left and the media (but I repeat myself) and their constant attacks over his budget that doesn’t even begin to cut enough fat from the federal pig. The whole “Pushing Granny off the Cliff” with his proposed changes to Medicare/Medicaid might make it hard for Romney to snatch up the 55+ crowd that usually votes for the (R) candidates.

However, none of the above changes my plans to wait and see what his chances are like in Washington State. If he has no chance of beating Obama here, then I am still going to vote 3rd Party and try to help pump up their numbers. But if he is within a couple points and stands a decent chance to get our electoral college votes, I will bite that bitter pill and pull the virtual lever for him and Ryan.

I may extend my “couple points” to “a few points”, but that is about it. But that is saying something, because he currently is within a few points of being “within a few points”. So we’ll see.

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  1. Rolf says:

    If R&R are within a few points (in an honest poll) in WA, then they win the EC in a landslide.

    I think it was a great choice, and I also think there is a chance that the media & Dem portrayal of Ryan will be so transparently over the top that it will backfire on them as more moderate, apolitical folks start paying attention, and really look at him, then what the media are saying about him, connect the dots, and are repelled by the twisted left-wing message. At which point, the media will call the 60% of the nation that doesn’t vote for O stupid, uneducated rubes.

    As to how to cast my vote (R&R vs 3rd party), I’m right there with you.

  2. Mollbot says:

    I was reading some articles earlier that said Ryan actually has a very high (majority) standing in the 55+ and 65+ age brackets.

  3. NotClauswitz says:

    The Lefty wailing, lamentations, and gnashing of teeth is sufficient joy to my ears.

  4. Nate says:

    Don’t be so eager to write off Washington State as a sure Obama win.

    I know some people who live in the leftiest area of Seattle. One of my good friends is actually a pretty far-left lesbian who moved there and even she is pissed enough to send a message to the dem party and for the first time vote RINO.

    November is going to be one giant protest vote. Think Chick-fil-a big.

  5. Marge Inovera says:

    One other thing: Which polling data are you going to believe?

    We all know that the democrats in the media slant their polls to show their team as winning, in the hopes of swaying the weak minded to voting for the “winning” side.

    Look at the Walker race in Wisconsin, where he won by a comparative landslide, and the media was so far off in their numbers that they were completely shocked by the outcome, calling the recall-election only thirty minutes after the polls closed. (Which sucked for them, since they didn’t get to have an actual audience for the traditional long, drawn-out tabulation of the vote, missing out on all those opportunities to look good in front of the masses.)

    As to the choice of Ryan, he is better than Christie, and the rest of the RINO’s who are a squshy on gun rights.

  6. Mollbot says:

    Apologies, Ryan is apparently 52-plus percent with 55+ voters but only 32 percent with 65+. So, I was half right.

  7. wildbill says:

    The only way I’ll vote for that ticket is for NittWittMitt to drop off it.

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