Lies! Lies! Lies!

Get out!

I’m speaking of man hating feminists whom I wish would get out of our universities.

Christina Hoff Sommers of American Enterprise Insititute fame lists out some of the more prevalent myths forced upon those whose only wish is factual knowledge from their college experience.

You thought the Brady Bunch and the VPC were the only ones who could could lay out some whoppers? Then you forget that not only do rabid feministas not do anything in the backseat, they don’t even like taking a backseat when it comes to spreading propaganda.

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    When my youngest daughter started University at the U of Oregon back in 1998, during freshman orientation she had to listen to a three-hour lecture about all that abuse crap.

    The instructor went so far as to say, “Girls, look to the left of you and the right of you. During your 4 years here at U of O, one of the three women in your little group will be raped.”

    The dau. was disturbed by this, and I did the research to point out to her that the statistic was made up and was not factual (thank you Sex Crimes Unit of the MCSO).

    After she graduated, she gave me her “rape whistle” that the U of O gave her that day. I still have it, and I promise I will use it to blow a funeral dirge on for the third rapist I catch (the first two were while I was on duty and I had to arrest them, not kill them since there were witnesses). That third rapist will, of course, die while threatening me with deadly force.

    End of discussion. A rapist is a killer, since most women can’t get by the mental reminders of their assaults, and consequently have ruined lives forever. The only solution for a rapist is death.

    The feministas don’t have the courage to tell their charges that, of course, or rape would largely be a thing of the past. It is NOT convoluting logic much to say that the feministas are prolonging the societal acceptance of rape by refusing to advocate the one thing, death of rapists, that will end it for good.

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