It was dark out

Because it was night (an old inside joke that fits well right here).

So I missed “Earth Hour”. Not because I didn’t know about it, but because it was a stupid idea.

Google, in their infinite leftitude, turned their mainpage screen from stark white to “You’re killing the Planet” black in the hopes that we’d all feel guilty.

Too bad for them that for a LCD monitor to produce a black background instead of one that is white, it uses an extra 20% more wattage.

So I spent my evening running Google searches on everything I could think of.

And lastly, Formula 1 has no love for “Earth Hour”

It is often said that perception is more important than reality in F1. What irony then, that at a time when Formula 1 is struggling to reinvent itself as an environmentally responsible sport that the organizers of the Singapore Grand Prix have chosen Earth Hour to debut megawatt using streetlights that will be used to illuminate F1’s first night race later this year.

The lights (300 times more powerful than normal street lights) are being tested today when much of the world is turning their lights off for one hour to symbolically bring attention to the growing environmental crisis. The lights (only a fraction of the 1500 that will be used in the race) will be left in place and turned on each evening at 7 PM along with the regular street lights in Singapore for a week.

Formula 1 has an enormously difficult task in trying to convince that world that it is anything other than a gross display of excess. Thanks to the organizers of the Singapore Grand Prix (incidentally that’s the Singapore Government) that task is now even more difficult.

F1 and the companies associated with it need to be smarter than this.

I think they are doing this because after working around cars with 20,000RPM redlines for a while, it is damn near impossible to hear the little Gaia-worshippers whine.

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  1. TheGunGeek says:

    By doing Google searches for an hour, you gave them a lot of ad revenue, basically rewarding them for their behavior.

    After all, they don’t exist to provide you with search results. They’re whole point of being is to put up paid ads every time you search. If the search engine is good enough to get you to use them, that’s all they care about from a search standpoint.

    It probably would have been better to just leave the main page up for the hour. Same power grabbing black screen, but no ad money for them.

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