It always starts with just one person

Someone they think they can do away with quietly.

They get away with it handily, assisted by their friends in the media. Then the rest of the control freaks see it and start doing it too.Rep.

Maxine Waters, California Democrat, reportedly had former Los Angeles mayoral candidate and homeless activist Ted Hayes arrested for disorderly conduct outside her Capitol Hill office several days ago, then requested he remain quiet about his apprehension.

According to links found at DANEgerus, Hayes was questioning Waters’ commitment to a proposed immigration bill floating around the House that resembled the recently deceased one in the Senate. He didn’t like the bill because he is of the mind that illegal immigration hurts the black community as well as puts unnecessary strain in the social welfare and education systems.

Waters’ disagreed, and told him he was “full of shit”.

When Hayes objected to her explicatives, she had a Capital Police officer cuff him and haul him off for disorderly conduct.

She then had the gall to call Hayes and ask him not to talk about it.

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