I had the time this morning so I blogged the hell out of it. If you get to the bottom of the front page here and haven’t read about the bums in the Seattle library, hit the next page button because there’s more new stuff.

I did this because I don’t see myself having too much free time over the next couple days to blog. With the weather getting back to normal, I can easily see myself working all day Saturday to get caught up (and maybe even a little bit Sunday).

Combine this with my new rifle arriving either today or tomorrow and the trip to the range that that will bring, and you can probably understand my vision for the immediate future.

So enjoy today’s menu of blogging goodness. For tomorrow, all I currently have on tap is the last of the Sherlock Holmes quotes and maybe something else if either make me laugh or pisses me off.

Later, dudes.

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2 Responses to FYI

  1. Rivrdog says:

    …and today I get the EOtech Aimpoint 512 mounted to my Mini-30. Photos to follow over at my place….

  2. David says:

    Well, if you run out of Holmes quotes I have dozens more!

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