I�ve already stated that I�m never going to vacation in San Francisco

So this just ices the cake.

Was That a Burglar Alarm?

Police in a prosperous Californian city near San Francisco will begin ignoring most burglar alarms, prompted by too many false alarms and too little money.

Fremont police said the overwhelming majority of warning signals they receive are false alarms that cost the city $600,000 a year. Because of budget cuts, starting next month they will only respond if they have additional verification, such as a video feed of a crime occurring or a witness report.

“We had 7,000 alarm calls last year and 66 of those were burglary,”

Here in Seattle/King County, the policing agencies have a gradually increasing fine scheme for each false alarm. It would be interesting to see if this and other agencies moving to a �No Answer� policy had tried that as well.

But if you remember this news from late last year,

Gun ban weighed in San Francisco

Frustrated by an increase in homicides, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has proposed a sweeping ban on handguns, injecting this liberal city into the national debate over gun control.

The proposal would bar residents from keeping handguns in their homes or businesses and prohibit the sale, manufacture and distribution of any firearms or ammunition in San Francisco.

I think we�re looking at having to wall San Francisco off from the rest of the world, ala �Escape from New York�.

Of course, you could do that right now, in my mind.

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  1. This goes past the allocation of monies within the police department.

    Waaay past.

    I keep up with this sort of thing locally, and so I have joined the opposition to a local “fire levy” which would transfer all the fire department responsibilities to an outside fire protection agency.


    Now, you would expect that if the city fathers were unburdening themselves of the work of running a fire department, they would also transfer the budget line for same to that outside agency, no?


    This is happening all over. The liberals have discovered that since they hold the purse strings in these municipal governments, they don’t need to stick to quaint (and conservative) ideas that police and fire protection should always have all the $$$ that they need, then road maintenance, then parks, etc, then welfare last. No, they have reversed the order, as it’s not in the liberal thought-kit to put protecting anything first.

    Keep an eye out for this thing happening at your local burg’s city council. If it hasn’t, it will.

    What this means is that we conservatives have our priorities wrong. While we worry about the makeup of the national government, the liberal-socialists are sticking their knives into us at the local level.

    There’s a solution. fortunately, most towns have some sort of representational assembly or even an initiative and referendum system. If you check, you will see that it doesn’t require all that many voters signing a petition to force an item on the city council’s agenda, or even to put it to a citywide vote.

    The solution here is to draw an absolute priority order of city spending, and force a vote on it. It will win, and the liberals will be stymied. If they fight hard enough against it, they can be recalled.

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